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  1. I agree, train him from birth, while his father is still in his prime and can keep up with him.
    If something happens to Mark, he can step in IMMEDIATELY
    Heck, the little guy will probably end up SAVING his father’s life somewhere along the line………

  2. Abby’s right. It wouldn’t be fair to James to repress his true self and not let him have the abilities with which he was born. It is a part of who he is, of who his father is. *Slapping Mark’s face again for even suggesting to give up his own powers because he’s now a father.*

  3. His teens? Too bad I would love to see Baby James using his powers to drive his sitters insane.

  4. If he’s going to have powers anyway, it’s best that they raise him responsibly, and once they manifest Mark can start training him in how to use them safely, without them worrying that he’ll be tempted to go overboard with them.

    @Evil Brain
    Heh, like that babysitter extra in The Incredibles.

  5. So it’s definite now that Mark’s powers are genetic? Earlier I got the impression that he got them through some incident that Thom was being deliberately vague about.

  6. I LOVED that short from The Incredibles.of the babysitter trying to deal with the super baby. Almost had me ROTFLing

  7. Yngvar: they’re genetic NOW. We still don’t know Mark’s secret origin (or do we?)

  8. When can we expect an obligatory storyline where Mark or Abby travel to a future where little James has turned evil, possibly after snapping under the pressure of being The Crusader’s son? Or am I thinking too dramatically for this comic? I know it’s the kind of depressing chance Marvel and DC would jump at.

  9. When Thom was here to promote the first issue of the 2nd series he mentioned to me what the new origin could be but until he prints it it’s not real.

  10. Not before he’s weaned!

  11. “THE BABY WAS EXPLODING!! You ever sit an exploding baby, Mister Dicker?!”

  12. He may have been exposed to something when he was a toddler. It is of course perfectly routine for people who have acquired powers to pass them on like Spider-Man and Susan Richards. That’s how Lamarckian genetics works.

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