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  1. Hmmmm….! :\

  2. Curiouser and curiouser…………………
    Since we know temporal displacement is plausible it this universe, perhaps this “might” just be little James having a “Cable” moment?

  3. Anyone else wanna go “dun, dun, du~n!”?

  4. So… Major Might is a Captain Marvel expy, and his adult form looks just like Crusader’s kid all grown up?

  5. BUM-BUM-BUM! *Dramatic reverb*

  6. “You’ve come a long way since we first met” “That means more to me than you know.” (http://loveandcapes.com/comic/lnc-73/) Oh gosh, so much makes sense.

  7. Mind blown!

  8. It’s James in disguise to meet his father.

  9. So he is a timetraveler from a altnerate future.
    But he is defintely not marks son. Unless they are both timetravelers from the future, just different timelines/points of jumping back. He does have abbys hair and marks eyes after all.

  10. Am I the only one who thinks it’s someone with nefarious intent, and not James?

  11. So that must be how Paul knew: He realized Major Might wasn’t himself and deduced the truth!

  12. I’m thinking we have a Captain Marvel thing (Yes I said Captain Marvel and not Shazam. Legalities be damned.) where the kid is the presents secret identity and the adult is from the future.

  13. Major Mighty is a Shazam thing and was when he told his origin to Abbey back in Atlantis. Major Mighty talked about how he did not have super senses BUT he heard the first screech gate. That’s why Darkblade was distracted when the other 2 went to fight plant monsters and how he knew it was a boy.

  14. @Christopher Noah Vogler
    I think your are right. Major Might is not James, however James looks like Major Might and went back in time (for some reason) and borrowed the name (and maybe an outfit) to disguise himself (with the blessing of the actual Major Might). In short, this is Major Might talking to James, not Major Might talking to himself.

  15. Batman and Superman have impersonate each other. So James could impersonate the real Major Might.

  16. James’ powers work like Shazam giving him the perfect body for heroisium this is just adult him from the future as an adult so the change is more suptle

  17. James is Superboy. He traveled back in time, impersonated Major Might and spent time (December 2015) with his parents.

  18. I think that is Major Might, all grown up.

  19. Well, there is another theory you guys seem to not think about.

    What if they’re both Major Might, but instead of time travel, something magic happened to split them into two separate people? The normal boy and the adult hero so that the Major could be both at the same time.

    Hey, anything’s possible in the comics.

  20. Wow, Auragongal. Thanks for pointing that one out. They just did in DCLoT with Firestorm.

  21. My guess is that ‘Major Might’ is James from the future, but he’s using some kind of holographic or magical disguise to look like Major Might. He talks about MM like they’re separate people, saying that MM let him (James) pretend to be his (MM’s) super self. So Major Might just sat out a fight to let James complete a mission and meet up with his father back on the day of his birth.

    It’s actually kind of a shame, I was hoping we were actually seeing Major Might get a little respect, a competence upgrade as he got older, etc. But this works as an interesting plot twist.

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