And with that, we’ve reached the end of Love and Capes. 

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over two years since I ended the print series, which these web postings have been repurposing for these many years.

As for why it ended: Well, I told the story I wanted to tell. I always wanted to tell the courtship, the engagement and the newlywed year. Originally, I planned it as a trilogy, but I added an extra volume because the pregnancy story needed to be it’s own thing. So, over five years, I created 24 issues of Love and Capes. And it was great.

But, I don’t want to overstay my welcome and just keep doing Love and Capes to keep doing it. It’d have been easy to keep doing it, but I think you’d be able to tell I wasn’t driven by the story.

Will there ever be more: I never say never. If I have a story that moves me, I’ll be glad to return to these characters. I have lots of barely-formed ideas on how to continue the series. If any of them ever take root and congeal into a story I need to tell, I’ll be right back with more comics. But, until then, this is the end.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind you, too, that all four print volumes of the strip are available for purchase.

So what happens to the site: There’s going to be a Valentine’s Day post of one piece of bonus material that has rarely been seen. After that, I’m going to revamp and redesign the site and start over from page one and rerun everything again, this time annotated. I’ll have comments and behind the scenes stuff on every page. I’m also going to re-render all the strips and try to make sure they look good on retina, have some of the corrections that have been pointed out and so on.  And I’m aiming for all this to go live on March 1 if not sooner.

What have you done since Love and Capes: I released a new romantic comedy called Long DistanceThe trade is now in stores and on Amazon, and if you liked Love and Capes, I think you’ll enjoy this, too. I will say that I have no plans to post Long Distance online as I did with LNC. It’s just not built for that.

I’m working on my new creator-owned series, and I also have been writing a number of My Little Pony stories. And I wrote the first “Contest of Champions” episode of the Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors series, too!


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I'm the guy that which does Love and Capes.


  1. I knew it was James
    So did DarkBlade apparently…………..
    Sorry to see you go, loved this story
    Will be watching, in case you decide to pop up again……….
    Till then, go in strength and prosperity

  2. And will we know his codename? Should I assume “Titan”?

  3. It’s been a great series. I’m glad I have all four books (Hoping I get to see you at a convention so I can get them signed!). 🙂 Your comic has been a lot of fun, and it contains many elements I want to put into my own comic. Congrats on a great ending to a great comic, one I highly recommend on my website’s links page. I definitely want to check out Long Distance, especially since I’m currently in a long-distance relationship, myself. Good luck with all your future projects; I look forward to seeing what else you have in store! Keep being awesome!

  4. Titan was used in MegaMind.

  5. Thanks for posting LNC on-line. My eldest introduced me to it (and then his younger brother decided to catch-up) and liked it enough that he wanted the complete edition for his birthday (and when that didn’t pan out, he graciously settled for the separate volumes — but he refused to read ahead, or let anyone else take a peek into the “future”).

    Anyway, thanks for creating a well-written, very enjoyable story that we’ve been enjoying for quite some time and will enjoy again. 🙂

  6. Thanks for making a comic I enjoyed very much.

    I think there are many places you could go with this comic, and I would enjoy reading it even if there was no overall story arc to it, but simply more episodes in their lives. I hope that someday you will want to do new stories.

  7. I’m supremely sad. I don’t want it to end. Every 2 days I … Wow. 🙁

    Didn’t expect this to be bitter sweet like this. 🙁

  8. Tighten was MegaMind.

  9. Thanks!

  10. Wow. I didn’t expect this to end so suddenly. I understand your reasoning though and I appreciate what you have given us. Thank you for the laughs and heartfelt moments you brought to us with your work. I hope one of those stories “congeals” someday.

  11. I… don’t get it.
    Who’s this guy supposed to be?
    I get the feeling that this is supposed to be a big deal, but I’m terribly confused.

  12. Thanks for a great series, Thom. It will be missed.

    Uh…don’t leave us hanging about what the T stands for, though. That would truly be evil.

  13. Loved the series. If you ever do continue it, I will be sure to follow

  14. Sweet! Congrats, and thank you for sharing your story! I really enjoyed it!

  15. Thank you *so* much for making Love and Capes, it has been a great ride. I’m sad to see it over, but I understand that when a story is done, it is done. Yeah, a part of me would love to see “T” grow up, etc., but I respect your decision. Besides, that’s what fan fiction is for, right?

  16. To answer the question: James goes by the name Titan, taking his name and his colors from his mother’s stint as a super hero some time ago. There’s a full writeup about that, and all the clues that Darkblade used to figure out the gender of the baby, here: http://thomz.com/the-one-with-all-the-answers/

  17. It’s been fun rereading this! I’ve even managed to introduce a coworker to the series – he was pretty much instantly addicted.

    Not to attempt to put ideas into your head, but your comments on the last page sparked something last night that finally made its way to “coherent thought” about ten minutes ago: We know that Titan came back in time to get the Chlorovore tooth and that he’s possibly part of the Liberty League (or “Liberty Society” or “Liberty, Inc.”) in the future. We also know that he got to meet his parents on his birth day.

    What we don’t know is: What’s life like as the son of one of the planet’s greatest heroes? And where *are* The Heroes (Formerly) Known as The Crusader and Titania?

    I’ll just sit quietly in the corner and keep a hopeful eye on issues of Previews for news of a new series set in the LNC universe.


  18. Okay, I’ll admit that I’m fanboying a little over you writing for Ultimate Spider-Man. I really had no idea.

  19. (Ambassador Kosh voice) And so it ends…

    I am going to miss LNC…mostly because I only have volume 1 and one other issue in my collection, and can’t afford to get the other volumes for the foreseeable future.

    That being said…flash animation? Motion comic? –Sorry, I don’t want the series to goooooo… 🙁

  20. That is weird I started reading this a few years ago, maybe a couple not too sure and I randomly decided to catch up with it today after not reading any for probably 12 months or so. Just struck me as kinda odd timing in any case thank you for the very enjoyable read and good luck for your future endeavours.

  21. I would suggest making an extra page with back cover of Love and Capes, so that people that bookmarked this page would know when(if) next is there. =) Also thank you for your story =)

  22. Thom, thank you for doing Love and Capes. It’s been an amazing time and wonderful story. It will always be one of my favorites! I’m looking forward to your future comics and stories. Never stop creating! Thanks! -Sarah G

  23. Thanks for the memories. I wish you will do a sequel. This has been a fun read. All good things…

  24. Whether there is more in the future or not, thank you for sharing your characters, their universe and your story with us.


  25. It is a great story and I’m sorry to see it end. Still when it’s done, it’s done. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  26. Just finished another reread of this and loved it from start to finish, although I wish we could have seen more of Abby’s brother’s dealing with learning that his brother-in-law is Crusader and all his macho posturing was to someone that he couldn’t even begin to out-macho.

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