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  1. Ooo, Abby’d make a great supervillainess. She’d probably make more…and it’d be tax-free! 😉

  2. Heh heh………………..
    She’s YOUR wife brother………

  3. Okay, Congrats. THAT made me laugh out loud.

  4. Awww… poor Abby, and I guess she worked really hard on her monologue-ing (however that’s spelt), too.

    ‘You see a monologue, you thwart… Am I right?!’


  5. I love the “we detonate”. There’s really no “we” involved. Abby wouldn’t be the one flying the bomb into low Earth orbit. The great thing about being married to a superhero is that these kind of fantasies are just *this* much closer to reality. LOL. Thankfully, this idea was shot down.

  6. Plans that don’t need as much thwartyness (thwarticity? thwartitis? Supercalifragilisthwart?) do indeed take longer

  7. This may be my favorite one yet. LOL.

  8. I honestly wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the Bookworm was to pop back up in Batman and use that exact plot.

  9. Novel Idea. Great minds thing alike. Did Abby read my dairy? I got to change my password.

  10. A plan straight from the Lucy Ricardo School of Supervillainessry.

  11. This is going to make things a little weird next week when Crusader has to bust somebody for trying to do *exactly this*.

  12. And then Evil Brain will try to do just that. Because his E-Reader broke down.
    “And if i can’t have working E-Reader THEN NO ONE CAN! MUha-hahaha!” Or something.

  13. Moe Lane and Walker, that would be sooooooo awkward. LOL.

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