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  1. Pregnant Abby in a bikini? oooOOOooo!!! (OK, I’m officially warped)…

  2. Ooh, maybe they can copy the cat cafe places idea. 😉

  3. You mean get a 16 year old bombshell chinese girl who speaks broken english just to get teenagers in their

  4. Vampiricshaman, those are Japanese girls and I think Topazfrost meant those cafes where can rent kitty cats with your meals.

    The Playboy club, Hooters and now a coffee shop? What’s the name of the Seattle place? And has anyone ever heard of a store or restaurant that put men on display like that? I can only think of Chippendale’s.

  5. Evil brain i thought he meant what in the dub of ranma1/2 was called the cat cafe that had a chinese bombshell as a waitress but most of the girls in the series were Japanese i will give you that

  6. I find the “Right now” comment interesting. Would Abbie consider it if she wasn’t pregnant?

  7. I think we know what Charlotte will be investing in when she makes her fortune…;)

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