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  1. Well this is bound to be interesting…

  2. Is it me or does she look more like Abby than Zoey?

  3. Evil Brain: it’s you…also, she appears to be defying gravity much in the same way as classic Power Girl. 😉 As for Charlotte’s face in panel 1: a shadow being cast, or did someone give her a trick cigar? And as for my and Kung Fu Panda’s greatest nemesis…should Abby be climbing up it in her condition? You’d think Mark or Doc Karma would lend her a flight right or somethin’…

  4. Oops. Flight RING. Sorry.

  5. She looks more like Abby in that they are both blonde and have smaller boobs than Amazonia. But that’s mostly so we can tell Oriana apart from Amazonia.

  6. And here I thought it was Amazonia in a wig. Silly me.

  7. Her skin tone is also closer to Abby’s than it is to Amazonia’s. Wonder if Amazonia’s is a tan from all her time flying?

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