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  1. Would Mark be nervous seeing his pregnant wife sitting on the edge of their roof?

  2. Nah. If he could see her, he could catch her. She’s also at the edge of their roof with someone else who can fly.

  3. So, does Oriana have a personal breeze machine? Her hair is always flying off heroically in one direction of the other. ;D

  4. Paper book sales are on the rise. Hold in there, Abby!

  5. Actually, Mark thinks she is a lot more feisty! “Fiesty” leans more to the partying type as in Fiesta?

  6. Print books will always triumph over power failures, uncharged batteries and EMPs. As for Oriana’s flying hair…I have a theory about flying powers and their effect on, eh, “soft tissues” (not the same as the “billowing” seen in last year’s SI swimsuit issue…). I’d like to see her as a recurring character, almost a second “little sister” (shut up) for Abs.

  7. She should look into expanding into used books and selling online. She has help that can scan large numbers of used books at sales to find the good ones.

  8. It’s usually pretty breezy on the roof of a tall building in the city, pdoe. You just don’t notice it as much with Abby’s hair because it’s a lot shorter than Oriana’s.

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