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  1. Speaking as a(n admittedly closet) nudist, people who go to naturist/nudist camps, etc. are actually sort of puritanical, at least within their fences. Despite his career in tights (the type so tight you can tell his religion if he’s not wearing trunks over them), Paul’s reaction to Leandian “dress” is puritanical in itself…interesting given his upbringing AND his teenage “male Paris Hilton” period.

  2. @K. Alan… I’d wager his upbringing and ‘Paris Hilton’ phase may be exactly why he’s confused about their being Private…
    — there’s two old adages about keeping secrets “Play things close to the Vest” and “Something up ones sleeve” if you have no physical sleeves, or even a Vest for that matter how can you play it close or hide something up there…
    — when Paris was at her peak, (and society was scraping bottom) we saw and heard more than we cared to know about the lives of her friends; their generation could afford to be young dumb and full of… *ahem Fun Paul outgrew this phase at the same time he became a Hero… so his knowledge of how not to be an idiot coincided with more than simply growing up

    as to his Tights, their revelation of religion is a side effect, not the intended function of the costume…

  3. Hence the reason superheroes (still looking at you, Bruce & Kal-El) should still wear trunks over their tights.

  4. There’s no way you can tell what religion DarkBlade is from his tights. Guaranteed he’s wearing a cup or other protective codpiece. After all, one of the primary areas nasty street guys are going to go for is where they think he is most vulnerable. So those areas will have to be extra protected.

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