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  1. You don’t want to come off TOO desperate.

    She may need a restraining orders.

  2. Bluestreak; “You know, my other choice for my hero name was going to be ‘Lickety-Split’…”

    [Bluestreak wiggles eyebrows suggestively]

  3. So I don’t get it, either he wants Bluestreak as a brother in law, or oriana as a sworn enemy… 😛

  4. I’m not sure how this guy hasn’t had multiple restraining orders filed against him. Badgering someone for a date when they’re not interested isn’t just desperate, it’s harassment.

  5. Just twice? Must still be in the first ten minutes of meeting.

  6. You grew up during the Wally West era, didn’t you, Thom? As for “Lickety-Split”…I’ve made creating superhero characters a bit of a hobby of mine, and I would never EVER EVER name my female speedster that. Her girlfriend would get mad… 😉

  7. Heh, Mark still looks skeptical.

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