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  1. Noooooooooo!!!!!! My archive crawl ends here? I have to actually wait for the comics like the commoners?

  2. Just turn the playpen upside down, so the bottom’s on top. Besides, if the kid’s got dad’s powers I doubt anything short of a supermax is gonna stop him from getting to where he needs to go.

    Also, I thought abby got a spell done that prevents the kid from getting powers until s/he turns 18?

  3. You could get yourself frozen until a big enough backlog of comics is finished

  4. You know, if some mechanically-inclined super-type hasn’t started a special “super baby” line of merchandise, they’re really missing an opportunity!

  5. Awhile back, I suggested that the Liberty League Space Station be remodelled with holodeck-type “offices” for the members that can double as “dream headquarters” for each (for Mark, a…Fortress of Solitude). Could a small version be built into the baby’s room in case he or she needs to, ah, move around a bit more radically than other little ‘uns?

  6. @RodOfJars
    Not at all – if you want to rise once more above the peons, simply visit Thom’s store and purchase physical copies.

  7. oh i just happened to re-watch “jack-jack attack” today…that’s the Pixar short where Jack-jack of “the incredibles” drives the babysitter bonkers!

  8. and trying to explain a (cage) to people not “in the know” will be a bit…tricky *which is odd considering how often people describe their babies climbing out of the play pen*

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