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  1. Well, mark be a bit too hopefull that she has powers/clueless what to do if the baby has none.

  2. What if the kid turns out to be a boy with superpowers who later realizes he wants to be a girl without them? (Sorry, but I just recalled that Bruce/Belinda Jenner was once touted for the role of Superman in the firstish–remember “Superman and the Mole Men”?–movie)

  3. i think the should keep the powers off,until the child can walk.She will never learn to walk when she can fly.

  4. Shouldn’t powers typically awaken during puberty? Especially since Mark Gained powers rather than was born with them.
    Then again market for Super-baby diapers and wipes seems like a profitable business.

  5. How much hydraulic force would there be behind a superbaby’s peeing and/or pooping? Reusable unstable-molecule diapers might be in order…

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