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  1. Hey, us normal folks have to worry about our kids turning out right as it is. It’s the same thing, Abby. Just… scaled up.

  2. So much for the apples and trees argument. Now we’re at nature vs. nurture.

  3. Pssst., Mark. Time to shut up and stop stressing out the hormonal woman.

  4. does she mean single mother as in divorce or does she have marks weakness

  5. Ahh, Foot in mouth, the one thing no super hero has immunity to.

  6. The kid’s mistakes will be his or her own; after a certain point the parents are off the hook (unless they were abusive or neglectful or that awful word describing a bodily orifice). And for all we know, he might be the Vinnie Terranova of the LNCU (a cop/superhero working deep undercover in the supercriminal communiity)…anyone remember the TV series “Wiseguy”?

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