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  1. Didn’t see that one coming. Nice one matey.


  2. Make that three of us. Well-played.

  3. You know… our boy doesn’t look too comfortable up on that ledge.
    Old DB would just be stood there with like… ‘400 foot drop to the street? Whatever…’
    This fella, his body is spread out to keep him as far from the edge as possible.


  4. What a twist!

  5. Make that 4 who did not see it comming.

    Actually it does appear a bit out of character for DB. I hope you will explain what his motivation was to let everything in the hands of the sidekicks and move to Amazonia.

  6. He hasn’t moved to Leandia, he’s just taking a leave of absence to help Amazonia with this transition (and probably so they can figure out where this leaves “them” without having to rush a decision.) The trio are just “filling in” until Paul returns

  7. Obligatory “Darn, I’m all caught up” comment.

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