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  1. Heh………………
    Looks to me like the great “Darkblade” has bitten off more than he can chew with Zoe

  2. Woah, he can get free shipping at that kind of distance? Im impressed.

  3. My guess is Paul is the middleman… he’ll get everything delivered to him, and he’ll go the Distance

  4. Its a very short distance the corridor down to the teleporter, through the portal,than to the palace which isn’t far away from the portal..

  5. “Deadliest Catch”? Seriously? I didn’t figure her as a reality TV type of girl.

  6. “Deadliest Catch” is what I’d term an “actual reality” TV show – that is, something close to a documentary of what people are doing, while most “reality TV” shows are absolutely unrelated to any “reality” the rest of us inhabit, and many of them aren’t even “unscripted” (which is the main thing “reality” might actually mean for the others).

  7. Of course he’s ordering via…. oh never mind! ; )

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