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  1. Looks like a case for the world greatest detective and a guy who can lift a mountain.

  2. What is that on the window?

  3. @Chrisjenl Looks like the shop got egged

  4. Puzzling – why would anyone want to bother egging a small bookstore? I guess I just have to wait a few more days to see how the story unfolds to see their motivation. Still – pretty unfortunate for the perpetrators. Mark will NOT be happy with them and it’s not wise to upset anyone with the ability to take you up to the stratosphere and let you drop for a minute or two before saving your sorry hide… (thinking about that incident where Darkblade dropped someone who was being uncooperative during an interrogation and Mark caught them after they fainted)

  5. If it’s not eggs, it could be graffiti. Either way, the perpetrator is in trouble.

  6. Who can imagine Vincent Price making an eggs-tremely appropriate pun at this point?

  7. That character is universally considered Vincent Price’s worst role…

  8. Not disagreeing; anyone for a Dr. Phibes remake?

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