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  1. Remember when Bruce sweated the small, silly stuff? <I'm old…

  2. Every store? So it wasn’t the Tea Party after all! :-\

  3. Oh it’s on now!

  4. Kirwar4face, as a member of the Tea Party, I would like to point out that our rallies were peaceful and law-abiding – including having the permits that are supposed to be required – and were pretty much non-littered, unlike the Occupy movement and a few others. Some activist groups on the other side actually resorted to planting people in the Tea Party rallies posing as radicals to find a way to make us look bad.

  5. Batman gets Egghead (Vincent Price), Darkblade gets Egg-thrower?

  6. “Every store? So it wasn’t the Tea Party after all! :-\”

    Well in Baltimore the only stores not looted where stores that sold books and work boots.

  7. Books and workboots at the same location?

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