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  1. Oh, Intimidation 101 final exam! Good form, intern!

  2. Okay. “Rooftop dangling 101” with Darkshade.
    I did not expect that as next comic.

  3. Step 1: grip suspect
    Step 2: dangle suspect
    Step 3: threaten suspect
    Step 4: loosen grip on suspect

  4. What would have been better, sick Abby on them.

    Dangling off a rooftop is good, publicly confronted by a hormonal, pregnant woman terrifying.

  5. You remember that scene from Justice League, where Batman (Present) just started interrogating one of the Jokerz, and Bruce Wayne (Future) butts in: “I can’t believe i was ever that green. THIS is how you interrogate someone….” *Omnious humm*
    The point is – HOW do you interrogate someone?
    I get it that Darkblade IS a “pro” at this but wouldn’t the whole “Neeeeext” would ruin the “grim visage”?

  6. No, but I remember when Superman tried it and dropped the guy. Don’t worry Superman caught him and said he could do it all-night long.

  7. Christopher, It’s Darkblade, not Darkshade.

  8. i remember that walker, I also remember when flash did it to one of the mobsters that batman regularly interrogates. where he actually drops the guy then runs next to him as he falls.

  9. And of course there’s that classic scene on top of the perisphere at the 1939 World’s Fair in Superman/Batman generations…

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