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  1. Paper work the destroyer of even the greatest hero’s morale.

    also in the last panel it say “the we” is it supposed to be “then we”

  2. Of course, the proper paperwork is how the justice system knows that the perpetrator was apprehended “correctly” and their rights weren’t violated. Like, say, beating them up, hanging them over the edge of a building, and forcing them to confess.

  3. “Sir, I’m afraid you need to enter both a first and last name.”
    “I’m Batman.”
    “Okay, I’ll just update this here. The Commissioner will see you now, Mr. Man.”

  4. This treatment right here is why tv tropes ended up calling me the G@#$%^ Batman…

  5. Zak R: Since they aren’t the police they don’t need to “apprehend correctly” if they leave them outside of the police department. and if they aren’t around when the culprit’s confess, they aren’t forcing the confession. Of course, the problem is, that they could claim they didn’t do anything and then the police would have to let them leave, unless Darkblade left some sort of documented evidence next to them.

    Darkblade is still guilty of crimes, like harassment, reckless endangerment, etc, and could probably be accused of wrongful arrest (even though he’s never actually been wrong) but then again, vigilante-ism is illegal in the first place.

    All of this is assuming the laws haven’t been adjusted to compensate for super heroes.

  6. Which could be a slippery slope…are super heroes specially or automatically deputized, or is “citizens’ arrest” enough? Is a supervillain considered a superhero if he or she’s never been convicted?

  7. Many a deconstruction of the super hero genre has been brought about by such questions.

  8. Wasn’t that the point of marvel civil war?

  9. And look at the s*** that erupted out of THAT (movie notwithstanding)…

  10. At least “Multiversity” and “Convergance” REvalued DC’s continuity(ies)…

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