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  1. Oh, Abby, I so feel for you. Someday the world will recognize the folly of abandoning information systems THAT DON’T NEED RECHARGING…

  2. The fact that the book she needed wasn’t being carried in her own store and she could simply purchase online and download instantly really should tell her what the problem is right there. XD

  3. Soon we won’t remember a time when our reading material can’t be hacked nor tracked be to us.

  4. Keep in there, Abby! Paper book sales are on the rise again!

  5. Um… in defense of reading on screens, you all know you’re reading this webcomic online, right? 😀 I love solid books, but I also love my Kindle – I feel like Hermione Granger with her little silk purse holding dozens of books when I carry my Kindle around in my purse. 🙂

  6. Ahem – *Hermione’s beaded purse.* … not silk. 😀

  7. I’m reading this online only because I can’t find back issues at the local comics shops…

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