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  1. Energy drinks are fine, but caffeine is a “sleepiness blocker.” Which is more important…altertness or additional power that wears off faster than you think?

  2. Well, energy drinks generally do have caffeine.

  3. Ah coffee. That useless caffeine that makes you so addicted that your half asleep, nervous and twitchy the moment it wears off.

  4. And that the real reason he is there.He wanted to get out of the no coffee zone.

  5. What, you think “energy” drinks aren’t caffeinated?

  6. David’s right. Most energy drinks are heavily caffeinated. I couldn’t have caffeine for decades (and even now that I technically can, I can’t stand the smell of coffee, so, meh), but I knew of one brand that had at least 8 caffeine-laden flavors, and had made a special effort to make 2 caffeine-free flavors. The -free ones were heavy on the vitamin B complexes (all of them were, but especially the no-caffeine ones), and they actually did work quite well at waking up my mind.

  7. Points taken. Now, as for Dart’s being able to pass for Darkblade from forty stories up…what if a villain in a plane or a copter were looking DOWN? (Remember: LNCverse version of Lindsay Lohan…)

  8. K.Alan, is that a reference to the SNL Harry Potter skit?

    And if Grant can pass for Darkblade then Donald Glover can play Peter Parker.

    And Shemar Moore should guest star on Arrow and Flash as Bruce Wayne.

  9. I dunno about Donald Glover, but remember that Shemar Moore’s first prime-time series was “Birds of Prey.” I always had the suspicion that if the show had lasted (i.e. lived up to the promise of its first and final episodes), he may have taken the mantle of Helena’s father. And BTW, I missed that episode of SNL…goshdarnit.

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