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  1. I’m actually a little surprised they even have physiotherapy at all.

    Though I’m not sure if the Queen’s gown is a symptom of all hospital gowns providing access more than coverage or if it’s just her normal style. She is still more covered than Amazonia is, after all. 😀

  2. I may be over-analyzing but it looks like the stroke hit the queen on the left side. I notice that one eye is more open, with a higher brow, while the other is in a completely neutral position. It also looks like the left side of her face is drooping a bit more. Poor Amazonia.

    My mother passed a few years back after a stroke. She never recovered but even the small bit she tried to do to recover took tremendous effort on her part. 🙁

  3. Wait, so he can only treat cases that involve magic?
    Does that mean Marks powers are magic based since he is their family doctor?

  4. It makes sense that Karma can only help heal magically based injuries with his powers, as it helps avoid the whole “why can’t he fix everything with a spell” thing that everyone brings up. But it does beg the question does that mean anytime someone is injured during a fight where magic was not involved (i.e. alien invasion, normal crooks, doomsday devise mishap, etc…) is he not allowed to use his magic to heal anyone? That must limit him a lot.

  5. Mark’s powers may not be magic-based (well, no more than Superman’s in the DCU’s version of physics), but they are complicated enough to be treatable by same. Variation on Clarke’s Third Law. As for Doc K not being able to heal a stroke magically…seriously, did NO ONE watch season 5 of “Buffy”?

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