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  1. I think a better question would be, “how long do your people nomally live?”
    I’m thinking 225-250 years, which would mean that her mother is in her late sixties human time…………

  2. Another question would be how long are your years

  3. Well, she looks fantastic for her age. Not a day over 120.

  4. Does the “Never ask a woman her age.” rule not apply when a woman is asking? Also, if it hasn’t already been brought up, what kind of charges are they going to get hit by on that next bill? Would crossing dimensional space be long distance?

  5. Aha, but remember that Zoe is the youngest of a number of sibs. Add to that her mother’s being, prior to the stroke, no doubt rather spry for her age… let’s just say, “the change” probably doesn’t happen ’til she’s very white-haired and pruney…

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