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  1. both very good sources

  2. Um…what about actual Earth royalty (not just the British ones)?

  3. Can’t they clone her mother,which makes the clone the youngest in line

  4. Andorxor;

    Unless they have magic or tech that negates this issue, cloning the Queen would be pointless: Clones are made from cells that already have what I’m going to call “age markers.” (Disclaimer: Science-interested here; not science-trained.) Dolly the sheep quickly aged to the same state as her “mother.” So they wouldn’t get a shiny, healthy, young queen for very long. Not to mention you’d want to wait until she reached mental maturity, so Amazonia would still be stuck 18-something years.


    Abby’s dialog in the third panel reads “Couldn’t you just change that when if become Queen?” I’m thinking “if” was supposed to be “you.”. 🙂

  5. pdoe: Not disagreeing, but perhaps Leandian science could be advanced enough to do something about age markers. Then Doc Karma could pull a Black Canary (or, how they originally explained the Earth-2 Black Canary who joined the JLA was actually her daughter) and put the clone embryo into a limbo dimension where, from our point of view, virtually no time passed but the clone-body would magically develop into a perfectly developed young adult into whose brain the Queen’s consciousness could be implanted.

    That, or they could take a page from Phil Foglio’s Xxenophile story “Blue Opal” and have the Queen defeat her doctor in a chess-like game whose name translates as…”battle.”

    And of course the Leandian people may decide they want a Republic, so everyone “wins.”

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