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  1. Yeah, “Kingdom Come,””Watchmen”, “Bratpack,” “Jupiter’s Legacy/Circle”–not the best examples for altering the status quo. Neither was “The Amazing Story of Superman-Red and Superman-Blue,” for that matter…

  2. Assuming Zoe’s coming home, perhaps she should adopt a mousy secret ID in order to better maintain her friendship with Abby. She might enjoy it…

  3. K A McD:

    All of those stories were told outside of regular continuity, as a deconstruction – what would happen if heroes, who usually are entirely reactive and conservative, were to take a more active role in the world? It would change, of course, and start looking less and less like the one we live in – which is logical, but something that most comics prefer to ignore.

    If Reed Richards (et al) wasn’t Useless, the Marvel and DC universes would rapidly become the stuff of transhuman science fiction – and that’s going to confuse and turn off a lot of casual readers.

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