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  1. Really no right answer for appointing leadership, is there? ^^;

  2. @Jasae:
    Every Rulership idea was good. Until it was acually tried by us humans. We have not yet found one would could not ruin with our nature 😉

  3. Just need a budah-dah-bumph right here

  4. the electoral collage makes a lot of sense, if you are from the 1700 century and your mode of transportation is on horseback, and the fastest/best way of highspeed info is taking an hour and half a days salary to send a badly spelled twitter feed.

    It did, however, become slightly outdated with the invention of the telephone…

  5. I’m not convinced that all of the reasons for the electoral college are obsolete. Some might benefit from being revisited from our current situation though.

    For example, one of the heavily discussed reasons for the electoral college was to facilitate favorable interaction between the states with heavy population (city life/perspective) and states with heavy land use. (agricultural/rural life/perspective) This was intended to prevent a raw majority of people from one of those groups from implementing legislation that would prevent productive work from the other, simply due to lacking perspective from that environment. — I think we’ve lost that along the way. Now even the ‘agricultural states’ political interaction is driven primarily by the population of their cities. We may have lost perspective on what it takes for resource production, (food/ore/wood/energy) in favor o the perspective of dealing with many people in close proximity, with needs seemingly met without effort.

    (Disclaimer: I am from one of the higher populated metropolitan areas, but have ties to the rural areas)

  6. I’m Canadian; there’s a lot of sense to “votes of no confidence” leading to quickie elections with little time to advertise or raise money…I hope.

  7. Amazonia makes some good points.

  8. Well, the oldest child is presumed to be more mature and more experienced than the youngest child, especially when there are many children and thus a large age range between youngest and oldest.

    Note that “presumed to be” does not equal “is”, of course. I think the most sensible approach would be to have the ruler simply designate an heir, since they should know all their children’s strengths and weaknesses and should have a pretty good idea which one would make the best successor.

  9. i’m sort of afraid to mention it…
    i read somewhere that the Electoral college PROMISES to deliver their votes to whoever gets the most votes, but is under no legal OBLIGATION to do so!
    so if they arbitrarily chose to give all their votes to someone who didn’t receive a SINGLE normal vote,it would be PERFECTLY LEGAL for them to do so!
    scary, huh?

  10. Eric,
    There have been delegates who experimented with that concept but in practice the courts have upheld that an electoral delegate’s vote goes where it is pledged to whether or not the delegate changes his mind. Things might change if the college were to be in a deadlock but that hasn’t happened since 1800.

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