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  1. Thats possibly the most sound assessment of someones readiness to leave a hospital that I have ever heard.

  2. The downside is we’re running out of physicians.

  3. The comments ^ here made me laugh so hard. 😀

  4. For a great example of someone proving through combat that they are fit to leave the hospital, see Robert Duvall’s character Hub leave the hospital in “Second Hand Lions”. And then there was how he dealt with the teenage punks, to teach them about life. He would have fit into Amazonia’s society just fine.

  5. Being pummeled by the queen is not a good reward for restoring her health

  6. Mind you, does it specifically define what KIND of combat? (For that matter, wouldn’t it be embarrassing if the Leandians read the fine print of their constitution or “magna carta” and learned they were supposed to be a MARITAL society? 😉 )

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