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  1. You two need to think more long-term than that, unless you think there’s a real likelihood that Amazonia’s mother is going to out-live you. Counting on her to have another daughter who is majority by the time the queen dies doesn’t seem like a viable strategy either.

    ( OK, now I have the ridiculous images of Amazonia spiking her mother’s food not with poison but with vitamins and fertility drugs…)

  2. Actually, for all we know, she has a few more sisters who are younger than her in the wings…just waiting to finish out that last year or two or five that’ll make them the youngest to reach their majority.

    Besides, all they need to do is have enough years to train the new Darkblade from among the three candidates, and then Paul can retire to Leandia with Amazonia.

  3. Just a few pages ago, Paul asked “How are you even in the line of succession? You’re the youngest of her ten daughters.” (I think original was in italics.) So no baby sisters waiting in the wings. (Unless she starts that campaign of spiking her mom’s food. 😉 )

    Does he want to retire to Leandia? He might. He might not. I guess we’ll see.

  4. Actually, they might be hoping for one of her older sisters to produce and grow an heir before their mother dies. She may be the youngest daughter of the queen, but there may be some granddaughters on their way up?

  5. Depends on how much older those sisters are, and how close the young ‘uns (are males e;ogob;e) are to their majority. And whether they’re competent. –Yeah, barring a miracle, Zoe is (metaphorically) screwed…

  6. OOPS. That should have been “are males eligible?”

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