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  1. That dress!

  2. That’s no dress. That’s an artfully draped (waaaaay too, for my tastes, but then again I didn’t grow up in a matriarchal society, where it’s actually wanted to show off your… assets and how healthy you are) tiny piece of cloth.

    Also, judging from the last panel either the room they are both in is a tad bit too cold, of Amazonia gets a rise out of arguing with Paul… Or watching him put on his costume… 😀

  3. Remember when Abby had that conversation with Amazonia about what to wear to meet the parents, and she couldn’t imagine her wearing any less? Here it is. It’s less.

  4. Kinda feels like a low blow for her to pull the “if you love me you’d stay” card, but I get the feeling that she’s half joking in the first place.

  5. So Dart is Lindsay Lohan.

    I hope Paul doesn’t find out what I did in the master bedroom or what happen to chandelier and the pool table. Those interns sure know how to PARTY!

  6. I doubt amaznias colthing qualifies as dress. Way to “Theiss Titillation Theory” for that.
    Considering it is morning and they are in a beadroom, it propably falls under sleep clothing.

  7. Give Zoe a break; she’s between a rock and a hard place. As for Paul’s fears of his apprentices’ potentially partying hearty…projecting much?

    And if Dart IS the LNC Lindsay Lohan, then the order would already have stamped out her…crazier traits. Just saw a recent pic of Ms. Lohan and…oh, dear. Dart is much better-preserved…

  8. Christopher: Why would anyone wear clothing to SLEEP? Or SWIM, for that matter? (Sorry, I’m a closet nudist)

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