Love and Capes

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I'm the guy that which does Love and Capes.


  1. Hey Thom! Awesome strip!!!!! I was almost to alligator alley when I realized that I had tragically forgot to buy a book- YOURS! Lucky for me its on my interwebs and available through your shop, so it’s easily corrected. Thanks again for the portfolio review and all the awesome panel advice. I’ll send you some BirdCageGirl when I have something to show for it. X) Are you going to DragonCon?
    I hope you have a great con and safe trip back home.
    Artfully Yours,

  2. Sigh, nothing quite like a super kiss, is there?

  3. Hello. Huge fan. One question: is anyone concerned that he’s probably chock full of radiation? I’m reading too far into it but still.

  4. He is invulnerable, that probably includes the effects of radiation. Although it apparently does not mean he cannot be harmed, so it might be less “invulnerable” and more “much tougher than the average human”… still, he stood in the heart of the sun and has been in space numerous times, if he was going to get radiation sickness it would have already happened.

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