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  1. Is this an absolute ending or just a holliday ending?


  2. This was the end of print issue #5. #6 will be next in the sequence, and I’m currently drawing issue #13, so there’s much more to come.

  3. I’m sure it’s just a chapter ending. At least I hope it is ^^;

  4. Typical selfish smallthink getting directly in the way of survival, much less happiness
    Let’s get jealous about this mission taking him away from her time.

    Idiot woman is forgetting that the world he’s saving is the one with HER on it.

  5. Hey Syncline, you’re doing it wrong; you have to be more subtle if you want to troll people.

  6. I remember an earlier strip where he mentioned seeing a meteor that was not worth dealing with yet. Is that it?

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