Love and Capes

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I'm the guy that which does Love and Capes.


  1. Her hair actually looks better that way.

  2. Amazonia is such a friendly person! You might think that someone in her position might feel jealous, threatened, or insulted by Mark’s relationship with Abby, but Amazonia seems to be taking it very maturely and respectfully. Now, if Abby could just loosen up.

  3. i just realised that this guy is totally ripping of DC

  4. ….yeah, you have absolutely no sense of social cues or how to read between the lines, Anthony

  5. She’d need way more than a wetsuit to take her to a location on the bottom of the ocean, the pressure alone would require something armored and definitely NOT exposed arms or legs.

  6. Not to mention there was no sign of an oxygen tank or any sort of breathing apparatus…

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