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  1. Crowley

    Ha! Awesome! Lucky Paul! I’d pick the kitchen if I were him…

  2. laztheinfamous

    Nah, you gotta go coat room. Less work place drama. One night stand with someone you went out with before, no big deal, especially since it is a pre-approved by the wedding party!

  3. maarvarq

    Tough decision…

  4. HWalsh

    Paul! Paul! He’s our man! Can he do it? Yes he can!

  5. Ben

    Looks like Paul’s headed for hot water no matter who he chooses.

  6. Jaya Lakshmi

    He doesn’t seem to mind, however, getting to pick and choose. I’d go for the coatroom.

  7. ModernMyth

    If anyone can pull this off, it’s Darkblade.

  8. Ozimul

    I vote coatroom.

  9. Charlie Spencer

    People, people, you underestimate him. I’m positive a man of his talents can easily turn this situation into a ‘two-fer’.

  10. Oberon

    That’s what I was thinking also. After all, he is a super hero gadgetteer! All kinds of tricks up both sleeves.

  11. NoRAd

    It’s the ambrosia talking, Paul! Don’t take advantage!

  12. Hogan

    Time to flip a coin or do some time travel? :-)

  13. Anthony

    If it were blurstreak, he could probably do both, get to the second one and say “sorry I’m five minutes late”. HA!

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