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  1. Aaron Bourque

    Yeah, but moms are supposed to think that.

  2. Jasae Bushae

    Before he got powers?
    well thats a fun hint ^^

  3. Jylanie

    Just read all the way through (after coming from Hero Business) Definitely coming back!
    And awwww for awesome mums being awesome.

  4. NoRAd

    @Jasae Bushae: Yeah, I thought so too. I sort of assumed it was a “powers from birth” situation, but now…

    You know what, I think it’s cooler not knowing, and being curious. I’m sure a whole bunch of theories will pop up, and those’ll be fun to think about.
    Obviously, it’s up to Thom, but while I think knowing -too- much about the characters can be a problem sometimes, this isn’t really a cutting edge dark and gritty superhero story, it’s fluffy and romantic, so I think I’ll be fine with whatever origin, no matter how stupid I might normally find it.

  5. Anthony

    Awww! No one loves you like Mom! :)

    Not to say there is anything lacking about a spouse who loves you romantically for the rest of your life, but Mom loved you from the day you were born, and will love you for the rest of her life. :’)

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