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  1. Aaron Bourque

    Yeah, but moms are supposed to think that.

  2. Jasae Bushae

    Before he got powers?
    well thats a fun hint ^^

  3. Jylanie

    Just read all the way through (after coming from Hero Business) Definitely coming back!
    And awwww for awesome mums being awesome.

  4. NoRAd

    @Jasae Bushae: Yeah, I thought so too. I sort of assumed it was a “powers from birth” situation, but now…

    You know what, I think it’s cooler not knowing, and being curious. I’m sure a whole bunch of theories will pop up, and those’ll be fun to think about.
    Obviously, it’s up to Thom, but while I think knowing -too- much about the characters can be a problem sometimes, this isn’t really a cutting edge dark and gritty superhero story, it’s fluffy and romantic, so I think I’ll be fine with whatever origin, no matter how stupid I might normally find it.

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