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  1. alurker

    Yeah, Charlotte. Priorities.

  2. Shea T

    Well….that’s convenient. I want one of him…or just his powers.

  3. Jaya Lakshmi

    This is the ideal wedding . . . having “nuptials” handled by the Liberty League.

  4. Ben

    are forgetting the whole secret identity thing.

  5. Withdrawn

    Aaaaand I’m up to date! Woot!

  6. FrankNW

    Uh…yeah…about that whole “secret identity” thing. Maybe a little more discretion, mayhaps? ;)

  7. MisterTeatime

    “Why aren’t you dressed yet?”

    “Because WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, that’s why!”

  8. Hogan

    “15 minutes to prepare for the wedding… what are we going to do with the remaining 11 minutes?”

  9. kirwar4face

    I like Doc Karma’s “You’ve NEVER had a friend like me!” smile in the last panel.

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