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  1. Howie

    NOOOO! i have been reading for the past two weeks at work and i just got up to date. Y U NO MAKE FSTER!!!!!

  2. Swamp Thang

    Which, from the way he said that, tells me that she is, or is about to be, late for her own wedding.

  3. Jay Young

    According to alternative universe Darkblade, Mark was supposed to disappear at 11:53, not 11:58… ???

  4. Ray

    Yeah, his expression and phrasing imply to me that she may well have missed her own wedding… as much as one can miss an event that requires you.

    That said, I’m sure Mark will understand that she had to save the world.

  5. Thom Zahler

    This is one of those things that was changed in the printed version and didn’t get changed in the web version. The actual time used by both of them is 11:58pm.

  6. Shea T

    well….that sucks. Hopefully, he doesn’t take being left at the alter to personal. XD

  7. Shea T

    *too personal. >.<

  8. FrankNW

    Oh, after it’s all sorted out (gulp) they’ll all just sit down and laaaaaugh…. (Poor li’l lady.) :D

  9. TwoCents

    Erm, how can the lady of the flame do that, if she only travels backwards in time?

  10. FrankNW

    She’s used to traveling backwards in time, but she’s capable of traveling in both directions…? I’m just guessing.

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