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  1. Jaya Lakshmi

    Step on a butterfly, you change the future for the worse. Kiss your fiance, save his life.

  2. Ben

    She just has to keep it up until midnight, sounds tricky

  3. Balrog

    Go Abby! Save the Hero!

  4. Mouser

    “The kiss that kills” – not exactly truth in advertising!

  5. S. Rune Emerson

    Hi! New reader, just got caught up with the comic yesterday- you are so supremely awesome! This story is so much fun!

  6. Rens

    Not until tonight — just long enough that Evil Doctor Whatsisface’s calculations of the exact place and time Crusader intercepts a Korean missile won’t be correct anymore.

  7. Larqua

    Sent from Grrl power, read the entire archive in one day, pretty awesome.

    Oh dear though, poor evil brain….. he’ll be juuuuust a tad too early to hit crusader properly.

  8. aqua

    have been going through your archive since Grrlpower linked it. awesome comic and this is a great page to get caught up on.

  9. Bill Walko

    This wedding story is very cool, Thom! It’s like a really good “season finale”!

  10. Hogan

    Make up for the missing kiss and delay him long enough to save him… not bad for a nights work :-)

  11. TwoCents

    @ Ben: No, she doesn’t. She just has to delay him long enough that he misses the black hole, which will only be in place two minutes or so, iirc.

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