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  1. Jaya Lakshmi

    Maybe Mark could have given her the benefit of the doubt? If she’s telling him to be careful, you’d think he would know better.

  2. Caleb

    Does he have enhanced hearing or something? She could probably just whisper from inside the ladies’ room and he might pick it up :D

  3. Oberon

    Abby could have helped things a huge amount by just slipping off the bracelet of disguise for a few seconds while she spoke…

  4. FrankNW

    Whoops! Too late. :D

  5. Proud Daughter of Eve

    You know, I’m surprised the Super Team doesn’t have a code word for “I’ve come back in time to warn you.”

  6. Thom Zahler

    Yes, but then she’s also running the risk of altering history to the point of Mark and her never getting together. She’s trying to affect her first date as little as possible.

  7. Thinkingking

    “I couldn’t tell you”. Nice!

  8. TwoCents

    Heh, not yet, at least. :D

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